baby don’t lie

ultracoolteen replied to your post: Sexual pics people have @d me that the…

The snowman one looks a lot like u tho

I even thought it looked a lot like me…. I mean I LOVE snow days but did I black out on one, build 2 snowmen and then take this picture

Sexual pics people have @d me that they look like me… Is it the same person?

#TBT to last winter <3 

#TBT to last winter <3 

Femme - High
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"High" by Femme


she’s back!

Similar to the idea of Where’s Waldo, a Tumblr page called Subtle Dildo is posting random, ordinary pictures with a special hidden object. Can you find the dildo?
i’m at a point in my life where everything is falling apart and everything is coming together at the same time.
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*decidedly inhuman noise*

tfw the camera loves you, ain’t that enough you’re craving for the whole universe so nothing’s gonna get in your way you’re gonna get yourself broke one day